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Ya-Man Photo Plus Prestige SS

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  • Not Suitable for people with exessive myopia (-6D or Higher)
  • Treatment Modes:
  • CLEAN MODE(RF+EMS+Ion cleansing +RED LED )
  • For: Clogged pores, Slight residual of cosmetics
  • For: Poor penetration of skincare ingredients, Dry skin, Wrinkles, Sagging, Flabbiness
  • EYE Care(RF+EMS+Micro-current) Attachment downwards
  • For: Fine wrinkles around the eyes caused by dryness
  • Cool(Cool+ Blue LED)
  • For: Pores, soothing the skin
  • To avoid accident or injury to your skin or body, do not use under the following conditions:
  • · While pregnant or nursing or during menstruation
  • · While growing or during adolescence
  • · If you suffer from atopic dermatitis or have unusually sensitive skin
  • · If you have skin allergies or bleeding diathesis
  • · If you have skin irritation or redness caused by sunburn
  • · There is suppuration or inflammation of the skin
  • · You experience skin irritation caused by cosmetics
  • · Have itchy pigmentation or pathologic pigmentation
  • · Have viral warts or melanoderma
  • · Have abnormal blood pressure
  • · Have weak skin sensibility
  • · If you are sick or feeling unwell
  • · If you have capillary dilatation due to long term use of steroid hormonal drugs or a disorder of
  • liver function
  • · If you are under a doctor's care
  • Do not use if you suffer from any of the following conditions, or on body areas listed below as this may cause injury:
  • ♦ Acute disorder, febrile disorder, contagion, fissures, feeling unwell, extremely exhausted,
  • tuberculosis, abnormal blood pressure, malignancy, heart disease, or if you have consumed alcohol
  • or medication that causes drowsiness.
  • ♦ Do not use inside the mouth or around the pubic area, mucous membranes, on eyelids or
  • eyeballs, or around the eyes (except in COOL mode). Do not use over broken bones, over the Adam's
  • apple or acne, or on areas where you have had plastic surgery.
  • ♦ If you are not sure, consult your doctor before use.
  • ♦ RF LED Mode can be used over eyelids and around the eyes; Close your eyes and hold the machine
  • 5cm away from the eyes.

  • 1 Year Local Warranty