Ya-Man Only Minerals Extra Moisture Facial Cream Yaman

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  • Noticeably lush hydration and youthful bounce Penetrating,age-defying cream.

  • This ultra-penetrating, concentrated cream is made with select minerals for age-defying*care. Marine minerals and ultrapure water offer superior penetration, ensuring that beauty ingredients travel deep into the outer layers of skin for lush hydration and a youthful bounce.

  • HOW TO USE: Place a small amount in the spatula and apply to the cheeks, forehead, and chin area. Massage gently into the cheeks and forehead, working from the center of the face to the outer edges.

  • Massage gently along the jawline, moving from the center of chin towards the ears.

 Product Features:

  • This cream features our proprietary triple-moisturizing system and is formulated from a base of marine minerals (humus extract, fucus extract, sea salt, and algae extract) and ultrapure water*for exceptional penetration.*Super-purified water filtered to remove 99.945% of impurities. Ultrapure water is gentle on the skin and helps amplify the effects of beauty ingredients.

  • Contains five different ceramides, four types of hyaluronic acid, and four types of collagen, combining those that moisturize the surface of the skin and those that penetrate into the outer layers. Helps lock in moisture for superior hydration all day long.

  • Thick gel cream absorbs rapidly into the outer layers of the skin, leaving no sticky feel. Locks moisture even into dryness-prone skin for a full, lushly hydrated look.

  • No need for harsh cleansers! Rinses away easily with face wash and water.