Ya-Man Only Extra Foaming Facial Cleanser Yaman

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  • Made with the concentrated power of botanicals and minerals, this face wash foam leaves skin hydrated and radiant.

  • This face wash contains an extract from the "resurrection plant". Gentle, springy foam delicately enfolds dry, damaged skin and leaves it lushly hydrated and soft.

  • HOW TO USE: Place about a centimeter of product on a foaming sponge and work into a lather. Gently wrap the entire face in the foam, moving in circles as you go. Leave for 30 seconds to create a foam face pack. Rinse away thoroughly in warm water no hotter than 32oC.

Product Features:

  • Gently removes impurities with dense, springy, hydrating foam made with resurrection plant* extract.

  • Contains resurrection plant extract for powerful moisturizing effects, in foam as springy as marshmallows. Fine, dense foam reduces friction against the skin, locking in moisture for a dewy, baby-smooth finish. Gently conditions skin to prepare it to better absorb the beauty ingredients in whatever cosmetics are then applied.

  • The resurrection plant grows in the deserts of Africa and gets its name because its dried-out leaves appear to come back to life with restored greenery within a few hours of a rainstorm.

  • Moisturizing and conditioning ingredients leave skin lushly hydrated and baby-smooth.

  • Made with minerals and ultrapure water for exceptional penetration. Gets deep into pores to flush out impurities and rinse away dead skin cells, readying the skin to absorb beauty ingredients. Contains four marine minerals (humus extract,  sea salt, and algae extract) to hydrate and tone. Also contains tremella polysaccharide, an intense moisturizing ingredient that creates a veil of hydration on the skin, penetrating hyaluronic acid, and moisturizing compound xylitol to protect skin from the damage and tightness that can come from washing. Freshly washed skin is lushly hydrated, toned, and beautiful.*Super-purified water filtered to remove 99.945% of impurities. Ultrapure water is gentle on the skin and helps amplify the effects of beauty ingredients.