Skyroam Solis X Global Wifi Hotspot

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  • For Students - Fast WIFI in 135+ countries. Get assignments, stay in touch with family, take photos, or charge your devices from anywhere. No surprise roaming fees!

  • For Families - Stay Connected on the go for entertainment, easy navigation, capturing candid moments, keeping devices charged, and staying in touch with loved ones.

  • Business Travel - With secure, fast WIFI, navigating to meetings, downloading from the cloud, and sending that last email before take-off has never been easier.

  • Leisure Travel - Find that hidden lagoon, try the spiciest noodles, post in real-time, record your bungee jump, automatically track your travels... from anywhere!

  • Social Explorer - Keep your followers up-to-date on your adventures with portable WIFI, Record and share instantly, automatically send social posts.