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Livall Riding MT1 Neo Mountain Smart Helmet

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  • Experience the thrill of the wild with the LIVALL MT1 Mountain Bike Smart Helmet. This is a multi-functional lightweight smart helmet that combines your visibility with connectivity. With concealed LED lights and indicators (only visible when activated), handlebar remote control, stereo speakers, and Bluetooth technology to connect to your smartphone makes this helmet is perfect for the cyclist who likes to go off-road.
  • The x2 built-in Bluetooth stereo speakers and windproof hands-free microphone enable you to listen to music on the go, answer phone calls remotely, and hear GPS sat nav directions while still being aware of your surroundings.
  • In the event of an accident, the built-in 3-axis gyroscope activates an SOS Alert on your that is sent to your designated contact along with your GPS location. Peace of mind for you and your friends and family.
  • LIVALL has features that may be able to assist in certain emergency situations. Please be aware that LIVALL cannot guarantee to detect all falls.
  • Smart Flash Lights - Easier to be spot on the road, 8 full-color LED tail lights, wireless turn signals for left or right indicators, are some of the features that will make you feel safe while riding.
  • Bluetooth Speaker - On the road – with the advanced Bluetooth speaker – you will enjoy high-quality music without the help of any other device. You can also make a clear call and protect personal privacy without interrupting the cycling experience.
  • Use your walkie-talkie function on the LIVALL Riding APP, and without distance limits, on the mountain terrain – even with complex environments – you can achieve proper communication between your riding group.
  • Smart Turn Light Signals With 8 full-color LED taillights and turn indicators and included 3 left-turn/right-turn signal lights for safe riding. When you are going to make a turn, simply tap the Bling Jet Controller installed on the handlebar. Even with the LIVALL bike helmet – You should still make the appropriate hand signal when you’re making a turn.
  • Specifications details Advanced Bluetooth speaker: Advanced Bluetooth speaker: High-quality stereo & sound effect, well designed for walkie-talkie functions. It’s perfect for communication and music hands-free.
  • Smart Bling Jet Controller: It is a certificated patent design. It successfully pairs with the helmet, takes photos, shows functions with reply calls, Walkie-talkie, control the turn signals, and music player.
  • The LIVALL smart bike helmet is a patent and design certificate mode.


  • 1 Year Local Warranty.