Iris Ohyama Compact 6" Circulator Fixed type, PCF-HD15N – Toottoot Singapore

Iris Ohyama Compact 6" Circulator Fixed type, PCF-HD15N

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  • A compact and powerful circulator.

  • Equipped with a quiet mode with a quiet driving sound of 35 dB or less.

  • By circulating the air in the room with a linear and powerful blast, the efficiency of the air conditioner (cooling/heating) is increased, which helps to save energy.

  • You can adjust the air volume (3 steps) and the vertical angle (up to 90 degrees up and 20 degrees down from the front).

  • It can be used not only as an indoor air circulator, but also for various purposes such as drying laundry, ventilating a room, pushing in, and sending air to the next room.

  • Product specifications:

  •  Product size (cm): Width approx. 24.1 x Depth approx. 17.5 x Height approx. 26.6

  •  Weight: approx. 1.4 kg

  •  Materials: polypropylene, HIPS, ABS

  • Power supply: AC100V (50 / 60Hz shared)

  • Air volume setting: Quiet / Medium・ Strong

  • Power consumption

  • 50Hz: Quiet / 12W, Medium / 22W, Strong / 31W

  • 60Hz: Quiet / 11W, Medium / 21W, Strong / 29W

  • Angle adjustment: 6 steps (-20 to 90 ° 6 steps)

  • Safety Mark: 200851-12


  • 1 Year Local Warranty.