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Insta360 ONE X2 360 5.7K Action Camera

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  • Panoramic view combined into one: ONE X2 can open a single lens on either side, switch to flat mode with one button, and one camera to meet the needs of multiple shooting scenes.
  • High-definition picture quality awakens the senses: The panoramic mode can record first and then compose the view, releasing image creativity. 5.7K image quality, support H.265 encoding method, retain more clear and delicate light and shadow details, not only comprehensive but also more textured.
  • Excellent anti-shake, stabilize the moment of inspiration: No additional stabilization equipment is required, and the moment of inspiration can be frozen anytime and anywhere with smooth and smooth images. Dark light anti-shake automatically turns on, so you can create without fear of blur.
  • The picture is flatter and more stable: Both the ultra-wide-angle anti-shake mode and the panoramic mode can enable the horizontal correction function, which can keep the picture level at all times in scenes with large vibrations and bumps.
  • Can do it alone: When shooting a panoramic video, the algorithm can automatically hide the traces of the selfie stick, showing the effect of drone follow-up, and a stunning third-person perspective can be taken even in one person.
  • 1 Year Local Warranty.