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Huawei Watch GT Runner

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  • Scientific Running Program - Hardware upgrades ensure more accurate data monitoring, and with HUAWEI TruSport™ professional Scientific Running Program, the smartwatch can provide entry-level runners with data and suggestions on training intensity, training volume, recovery time, and more. For advanced runners, receive a running ability evaluation, physical fitness/fatigue status updates, plus long-term training performance analysis. And if you're an elite runner, get monitoring and evaluation of your running technique.
  • Accurate Real-Time Heart Rate Monitoring - The all-new TruSeen™ 5.0+ hardware upgrade in HUAWEI WATCH GT Runner provides vastly improved heart-rate monitoring even for hard interval training. Experience reliable readings, equalling those of a chest strap, with 97% accuracy within 10 bpm*.
  • Dual-Band Five-System GNSS - The antenna is protected by composite fiber material and hidden within the watch lug. The innovative floating antenna design significantly reduces weight and interference, while providing improved connectivity and GPS performance. HUAWEI WATCH GT Runner supports the 5 major navigation satellite systems, dual-band real-time concurrent calls, faster satellite search speed, and more accurate positioning.
  • AI Running Coach - Customise your training plan based on your gender, height, and weight, plus heart rate, distance and frequency of runs, pace, and more. The AI Running Coach scientifically analyses your weekly workout data, automatically adjusting your running schedule for the following week so you're always making good progress**.
  • Lightweight and Comfortable - The durable polymer-fiber case, offset with a ceramic finish, and aircraft-grade titanium-alloy crown combines to create a strong, lightweight, and comfortable design of around 38.5 g***.
  • 2-Week Battery Life - HUAWEI WATCH GT Runner smartwatch provides up to 14 days of battery life from a full charge, and up to 7 days of battery life in heavy usage scenarios****. It can be charged with a mobile phone wirelessly*****, allowing you to charge it at any time without any battery life concerns.
  • HUAWEI WATCH GT Runner Smartwatch, Scientific running program, Accurate real-time heart rate monitoring, Dual-band five-system GNSS, Marathon runway-level locating, AI running coach**, Lightweight and breathable wearing experience, 2-Week battery life, Wireless charging, Route sharing and navigation, Built-in barometer and all-new precision compass function, Bluetooth Calling, Music playback, Your outdoor running mate, All-day health insights.
  • Data from Huawei labs. 97% accuracy within 10 bpm in the following scenarios: indoor treadmill running, outdoor pace running, long interval, and short interval.
  • AI Running Coach needs to be set up in the Huawei Health app, and it can be synced to your watch.
  • Data from Huawei labs. Weight is approx. 38.5 g without the strap. Actual weight may vary due to individual product differences. Please refer to the actual product.
  • Data from Huawei labs. Actual battery life may vary due to individual product differences, usage habits, and environmental factors. Please refer to actual use conditions.
  • This feature is only available for mobile phones that support reverse charging. Please contact local customer service for specific models.
  • Route sharing applies only to Android 6.0/HarmonyOS 2 or later phones. To use this function, update the Huawei Health app to the latest version. This feature is not supported on iOS phones. Offline navigation applies only to Huawei Watch GT series watches.
  • This product is not a medical device, the measurement data and results are for reference only, not as a basis for diagnosis and treatment.


  • 1 Year Local Warranty.