Yichijie L-Shaped Orthodontic Interdental Brush 0.7mm 20pcs

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  • For Inter Gaps Between Teeth: The Multi-pack Angle interproximal brush is designed for hidden gaps that go between the inside of your teeth and gum to reduce plaque.

  • Coated Soft Wire Toothbrush: These brushes are fully plastic-coated with no sharp, exposed metal to poke or cut your sensitive gum area so your daily dental regime is enjoyable.

  • Great For Braces And Implants: The ergonomic grip of this toothbrush is stable in your hand so you can target more difficult spots around braces and dental implants.

  • Easier To Access Back Of Mouth: Interdental cleaners with long handles and an angled heads to hit the harder-to-reach areas so you can be sure to remove all excess plaque that toothbrushes leave behind.

  • Recommended By Dental Express: These teeth cleaning brushes are the go-to toothbrushes for a fresher, cleaner mouth.