Foreo Issa Mini 2 Sensitive Sonic Toothbrush for Kids Aged 5+

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  • Keep your teeth thoroughly cleaned, with the FOREO ISSA Mini 2 Sensitive Sonic Silicone Toothbrush. The brightly-colored silicone toothbrush helps to lessen your impact on the planet, eliminating the need to re-purchase single-use plastic.

  • Improved technology offers 9,000 high-intensity pulsations a minute, promoting ‘microsleeps that leave your teeth feeling purified and fresh. A combination of silicone bristles and PBT Polymer minimizes bacteria at the head while offering a gentle experience that avoids leaving gums feeling irritated.

  • An ergonomic design works in unison with a flexible head for optimum comfort, while a built-in timer tells you when to stop. 1-hour of charge offers up to an impressive 265 days of power, while the compact design makes the toothbrush ideal for travel.