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Eleeels X4 Percussive Massage Device

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  •  6 Major Features of ELEEELS X4:

  • Xtreme Power™ Engineering: 13 mm vibration amplitude deep muscle therapy. 55 mm diameter high-torque, high-speed proprietary brushless motor (delivers up to 50 strokes per second).

  • Eterno Quiet™ Motion Technology: Hardened steel linear bearing by metallurgy techniques to keep noise at a minimum under prolonged operation. Self-developed, extremely durable materials

  • Innovative 180° Twistable Handle: Allows full body massage with various angle options.

  • Pioneer 2 Operation Modes: With Sports Mode to maximize sports performance beyond the limit, and Comfort Mode to fit a wide range of therapeutic and relaxation needs.

  • Dampener: Soft bone-safe applicator particularly suitable for tender areas.

  • Unique 62° Inclined Handle: Covers multiple muscle groups.

  • Benefits: Delivers extraordinary benefits for speedy muscle recovery. Encourages blood circulation and reduces the lactic acid level. Relieves muscle stiffness and alleviates muscle soreness and pain. Prevents muscle damage and increases strength and flexibility.

  • What’s Included: X4 Percussive Massage Device. Universal Adapter. 5 Interchangeable Applicators: Dampener, Fork, Bullet, Flat, Round.


  • 1 Year Local Warranty.