AQA 2 Pack Full Coverage Tempered Glass with Easy Installation Kit, Anti Blue Light Screen Protector for iPhone 12 iPhone 12 Pro, Blue Light Filter Film for iPhone 12 iPhone 12 Pro, Eye Protection

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  • Filter Blue Light: It is made of imported anti-blue light material, which can block 49.1% of harmful blue light with a wavelength between 380-450nm, reducing eye strain and protecting your eyes.

  • Full Coverage: The screen protector can cover the whole screen, when the phone is impacted, the screen protector can protect your phone screen in all directions.

  • High-definition: The screen protector is made of high transmittance tempered glass, which will not change the original image quality of the phone while blocking the harmful blue light. It will not affect your selfies and Face ID. When the phone is turned on, the screen protector will display the original image quality of the phone, and when the phone is turned off, the screen protector will display light purple.

  • High-quality nanolayer: There is a high-quality nanolayer on the surface of the screen protector, which makes it smoother when you use your phone.

  • Easy Installation: This comes included with an Easy Installation Box. After you wipe the screen protector clean, you can easily install it.