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Fingerprint Padlock, Smart Lock with App Support

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  • This Bluetooth outdoor waterproof IP67 fingerprint padlock comes with a free mobile app that lets you unlock it with your phone or fingertips. For friends, neighbours, and employees, you may add an unlimited number of users and choose their unlock period time, as well as monitor the unlock records/position and remotely unlock the device using the app.
  • The smart padlock can only be reset to factory mode by administrators. This keyless padlock has a total of 20 fingerprint users (2 administrators and 18 regular users). Using the mobile app, you can configure all fingerprint users.
    No more lost keys or forgotten passwords with this 4-inch heavy-duty fingerprint padlock, because your finger serves as both the key and the password. This newly created padlock with fingerprint detection can improve the security of your doors, bicycles, cabinets, warehouse, and other goods by using biometric fingerprint recognition.
  • Long standby time & USB charging. With a 40-minute USB charge capable of locking and unlocking over 2000 times and a standby time of over 6 months, the fingerprint padlock's built-in 220mAh battery delivers minimal power consumption and a long standby time. The lock may be charged with a power bank, a USB port from your laptop, or any other cell phone charging block. Please keep in mind that when the lock's battery is low, it can unlock up to 30 times, giving the user plenty of time to charge it before it fails.
  • The padlock body is made of aluminium alloy, while the lock beam is made of stainless steel, providing rock-solid protection. It weighs 0.4kg and is waterproof to IP67 standards. This padlock can be used on garden gates, farm gates, school lockers, fences, cabinets, tool boxes, fishing gear boxes, warehouses, and bicycles, to name a few.
  • 1 Year Local Warranty.